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In the moon position, this creates a person who's deepest need is to help people through relationships in an earthy, practical way. The happiest Virgo moons are the ones who truly know that they are helping people. It is often one-to-one, direct help, but it is also indirect. The mathematician or scientist who works in an office or lab is helping people just as well as the nurse or psychologist.

Often, much of the help they give is to their family. Their spouses and children are a prime focus in their lives.

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The Virgo moon mother will anticipate their child's needs and problems, trying to assist and solve them before the child even knows their was an issue. The Virgo moon spouse will do the same thing for their husband or wife; although with adults it can begin to feel a bit restrictive if the Virgo moon isn't careful to allow space for some things to just happen as they may. Even if their helpfulness can sometimes feel more like rules and regulations or just outright control, they are really just trying to help. Your Astrological Moon.

The moon is your hidden, unconscious director of your life Click to read more about the moon. What is the difference between the Virgo sun and moon? Click to read how they are different. Click to read article.

The New Moon in Virgo Is All About Problem-Solving and Practical Magic

Moon in Taurus A style and manner that is subtle Moon in Leo People with their moon in Leo have a commanding Moon in Libra The ultimate in polite, considerate behavior Moon in Scorpio Not the easiest sign position for Moon in Aquarius An Aquarius moon operates on a different Moon in Pisces As the last sign of the zodiac Click to read article Moon in Taurus Click to read article Moon in Leo Click to read article Moon in Scorpio A Virgo Moon has a tendency to be sarcastic.

Hypochondria is a trait often found in the person born with the Moon in Virgo; especially if they are lacking attention. Because Virgo is an Earth sign, Moon sign Virgos tend to be a bit stubborn, organized, and practical.

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Once their mind is made up it might as well be etched in stone. The astrological planet Mercury rules this sign. This gives Moon sign people the ability to communicate well. They will enjoy a great intellectual conversation, lecture, or event which is deep and emotional.

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I read about lots of his huge acts of Service,kindness and compassion as lessons for humanity. Interesting info about the Virgo. As a Virgo myself, I'm always interested in the traits the zodiac has lined up for us and willing to see how I match up with them. My mother said that on the night I was conceived there was a big full orange moon. I've seen it like that only twice in my lifetime. Nice hub.

Virgo Moon, Moon in Virgo Zodiac Sign Interpretation - Just Astrology Things

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Natal Chart With Moon in Virgo. Thank you very much for your time and interest in my writing. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. I have pisces sun and virgo moon, your article described me well.

What Does a Moon Sign in Virgo Reveal?

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