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Remember to carry a bottle of water wherever you go, and sip it every 10 minutes to stay hydrated.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222: Foreign Trip/Travel Likely In The Upcoming Year

If you are overweight, consider starting a healthy weight-loss program today. Excess fat might give rise to other health problems which can be very dangerous. Do not try to lose that weight too fast, though.

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It is just as bad for you as doing nothing about it. Avoid fad diets and weight-loss pills, eat healthy, and exercise a few times a week instead.

Your might be experiencing some unexpected problems with your significant other today. Make sure that you do not let it fill your day with emotional chaos.

Everyone is dealing with their own issues, so do not take it personally if your partner acts a bit different than usual. You will get through this phase soon, and it is not worth it to argue about small and irrelevant things. You both need to learn how to avoid confrontation by being honest and patient toward each other. You may feel that your relationship could potentially become unstable if you cannot talk enough about your future , but you find it pretty uncomfortable to talk abut your feeling -- even with your partner. Video of the Day: Joshua Brown allegedly killed in 'drug deal gone wrong.

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Other people and their issues and resistances could be the last thing on your mind on Tuesday, when inventive Venus soars into determined Scorpio and your professional tenth house until November 1. Social Venus has a knack for attracting perfect collaborators, so put the word out and screen potential associates. Get percent clear on what you want to accomplish since you are in major manifesting mode!

When you network, be strategic and focused, and quick to filter out people who are only looking for a free ride on your coattails. Only people who inspire YOU need apply! Over the coming two weeks peak manifesting time of this lunation , your social life could blast off the charts as you meet motivational kindred spirits.

It could take serious reflection—and quite a few plot twists—before you can really tell.

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For some Aquarians, a relationship could run its course—or it might go through one last test before evolving to a deeper and more authentic level. With expansive Jupiter heating up your teamwork and tech house until December, the digital domain could be a prosperous playground.

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You might work remotely or develop an online venture. Get a cottage industry cooking when cyber-savvy Uranus enters your home sector for seven years in March.


Investing in real estate or women-owned businesses could also pay off. Need an extra set of hands or an overall upgrade to Team Aquarius? Healing is a huge theme this year as a plethora of planets sweep through Capricorn and your twelfth house of mind-body-soul wellbeing.