Taurus 2 february horoscope

Horoscopes help by giving a little hint about what the day is going to be like for you. So, go ahead and find out whether the odds are in your favour today. Be careful on the road. Those looking for buying a house can get a good bargain. A big chore on the domestic front is likely to be completed today. You are likely to take steps to establish yourself more firmly on the professional front. This is a good time to finalize property as stars are poised favourably. Good health may find you extra energetic. Finding a suitable accommodation is foretold for some.

Academic front will seem like a cakewalk today. Acquiring a house may become a possibility. Acquiring an added skill at work is likely to boost your career. No problems are foreseen on the financial front. Exercise and workouts may become your key to maintaining good health. You are likely to diffuse the tensions faced on the domestic front. A prestigious assignment may come your way on the professional front. Travel only if you have to today. This is not the day to take up property-related issues.

Taurus February Horoscope

Your preparation will become the key to your good showing on the academic front You may be called upon to settle a family dispute. Buying a house or apartment is possible for those looking for one. Situation on the academic front threatens to get precarious, but you will turn things in your favour. A healthy bank balance is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood on the financial front.

You are likely to retain an active lifestyle with health in mind. Children will bring you comfort. Setting out on a vacation is possible and will be lots of fun.

You can think on the lines of buying property that you have rented. Some of you will be able to forge ahead confidently on the academic front. With Taurus decan 2 the stage mother and statesmen behaviour will be most notable in love relationships. It will be very hard for these folk not to play the smothering parent with their beloved.

With Taurus decan 3 the artistic alchemy will be most notable in love relationships. This means their lover will have to be their inspiring muse. They want a love that transforms their lives truly madly and deeply just like the film Sometimes they can fall in love with an actual ghost. AC Taurus 3 is not afraid to jump into the most unsuitable relationship because they figure that a bit of suffering is so good for the soul…. A word to the wise: Hold off on sharing those grand plans with your inner circle. The full moon will be opposite Mercury retrograde in your partnership zone.

Do they have the right set of skills for the job, and do they share your bigger vision? Approach any exploratory convos VERY cautiously. Conflict with a key person could erupt out of the blue on November That day, passionate and aggressive Mars will zoom into Scorpio and your partnership house, staying until early January.

While this can certainly put budding relationships on the fast track, November 24 will feature a heated opposition between Mars and volatile Uranus in Taurus. Unfortunately, they just might try that. You could feel pressured to commit to a contract or relationship, which will send you fleeing for freedom. So by all means, think through all options before you agree to anything. No, not everything has to be a scoreboard or done for personal gain. But there are only so many hours in a day, Taurus: Why not spend them on things that bring satisfaction and security?

The eighth house is the most erotic zone of the chart, and a mind-body-soul connection could heat up.

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This zodiac zone also rules joint financial ventures. Look at ways you can pool your talents and assets for mutual gain. A powerful and well-connected person could bring you into their world, especially near the November 26 Sagittarius new moon.

Monthly Horoscope Taurus February 12222

This is a day to plant seeds for long-term wealth, perhaps related to real estate, investments or other shrewd money moves. Actions you take now will develop over the coming six months, between now and the Sagittarius full moon in June , which will also be a potent lunar eclipse.

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On November 27, hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde backspin through Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Your trust-o-meter will start working at full capacity again—at last! The moon, social Venus your ruler , traditional Saturn and intimate Pluto all gather in Capricorn and your optimistic, generous ninth house. Host an all-inclusive celebration, preferably a potluck, followed by games, karaoke or something that inspires bonding and laughter.

Astrogirl – Taurus – 2 February 2015, Weekly Horoscopes

Since the ninth house rules travel and cross-cultural connections, look for recipes from all around the world to go with the usual side dishes. With love planet Venus in your adventure zone and lusty Mars in your partnership house, all the better if you can bring a passionate plus-one playmate along for your escapades! From November 1 to 25, your galactic guardian, graceful and sensual Venus, is sailing through Sagittarius and your smoldering eighth house, making for one scintillating and sexy November!

Just one potential fly in the ointment: Communicator Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, so your words may not come as intended or—because retrogrades brings things back from the past—an ex could resurface. You may be more sensitive or thin-skinned than usual now, so temper your reactions. If you HAVE tapped into the real thing, however, this could be one of the most erotic and intimate days of the year.

Open your heart and mind to the idea of magnetizing a soulmate. For longtime couples, a mind-body-soul reconnection could remind you just how beautiful and rich your bond is. Meanwhile, over in your detail-minded, hypercritical sixth house, intensifying Mars is stirring up anxiety and self-doubt. Remember that, and keep it real, Taurus!


Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Passionate Mars will move on to Scorpio on November 19, heating up your seventh house of commitments until January 3, Once the red planet relocates to your relationship zone, your energy will get channeled into adding spicy adventures to your twosome time. A moment of claustrophobia could tempt you to bolt if you feel pressured to commit or spend too much time together as a duo. If you catch yourself about to tumble down a deep, dark rabbit hole, find out whether this person feels anything for YOU. Be doubly wary about online affairs.

You need something you can take to the bank. Who are the people in your inner circle, Taurus? With the Sun in Scorpio and your partnership zone until November 22, collaborating with complementary souls can help you go farther.